The Power In You

I am excited to post my first open discussion on women’s empowerment. I wanted to kick it off with the name of my movement. WIPOP (wee-pop). Did that throw you off a bit lol? WIPOP means Women In Position Of Power. What does that mean for you? For me, at any given moment things can show up in my life that I have to decide on. So as a woman who holds the power to make said decisions, I believe if I take the risk, use my voice, take control, and let no one stand in my way of greatness or alter my ability to make a powerful move, I can’t lose. However, I must stay in position while making those choices carefully. Whenever you hear the word power, you probably think of the authority someone could have over you. In my life, I choose not to give anyone the power over the woman I’m destined to be. The platform is there, we just have to stand tall, hold our heads high, walk with a purpose, and don’t let anyone bring us down. So, tell me what your position of power means for the woman in you. There is no wrong answer here, being honest and inspiring is the main goal! Peace & Blessings

Always be gracious

Author: Shay Hardwick

I am a strong woman who's main goal in life is to be accomplished, stand up for what I believe, and maintain a peaceful and happy space along the way!

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