Today I wanted to discuss how to break free from your family’s expectations of you. Yes, we all have family values, and we all want to please our families. But, how far do you go to show someone who you are vs who they think you should be. When you try so hard to be the person they think you should be, do the things they think you should do, talk and walk the way they think you should, and believe in the things they want you too, it becomes an unfulfilled expectation. It’s not a bad idea to listen to advice and respect certain views. However, you must remain confident in what you want for yourself and your future. Accept your family for who they are and stop being afraid to make decisions because a spectator is waiting to say “I told you so”. Realistically as long as you are happy, that’s all that matters. What has been the biggest expectation of you from your family? For me, I would have to say the pressure of having to be strong no matter the battle. My family seeing me in light of strength is very complimenting but my wiliness to fulfill that expectation challenged me and eventually caught up to me. Not realizing at the time, I’m human and everyone has a weak moment. I now give myself permission to not be strong if I don’t feel that way. To have a moment of circumstantial weakness knowing that the strength in me will bring me through.

Author: Shay Hardwick

I am a strong woman who's main goal in life is to be accomplished, stand up for what I believe, and maintain a peaceful and happy space along the way!

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