Women have so many insecurities. Beauty is reported to be the biggest one by far. Where do they come from and how do we overcome them? Where do I start with this one? There were so many things I felt insecure about when it came to my physical image. I grew up surrounded by nothing but beautiful women and girls. From my mom, aunts, sister, cousins, to friends. Each one of them had a beauty that I admired, or a feature I wish I had. My most critiqued insecurities held me back from things I wanted to do in life. I had a hard time loving the person I saw in the mirror because I couldn’t see past all the flaws. I struggled with accepting my height, weight, and bad skin. I remember one-day feeling so bad about my weight that I put on layers of clothing to appear heavier. I also tried bleaching my skin because I had bad acne that created scars which left my self-esteem extremely low. I was experiencing some deep self-hate. I came to realize that God created the skin I live in and while I still have some of those same insecurities today I’m learning to accept myself and allow my inner beauty to shine on the outside. And with that attitude, I can’t help but glow. Would anyone be open to sharing any insecurities you’ve struggled with physically and how you face them along the way?

Author: Shay Hardwick

I am a strong woman who's main goal in life is to be accomplished, stand up for what I believe, and maintain a peaceful and happy space along the way!

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